We designed & created a beautiful spa and treatment rooms in one of Guernsey’s most chic boutique hotels – the Bella Luce Hotel. Reception area highlights are clean, white painted storage & display, a hand-distressed vintage oak herringbone parquet, a stunning ‘Eos’ down feather pendant light and distressed concrete wallpaper in the recesses of the white painted open shelving.  A custom-made reception desk marries white painted wood and distressed timber to match the floor.

Things get darker & moodier in the hall where polished plaster walls and contemporary walnut doorsets are prominent. Turnstyle ironmongery with custom-stitched chocolate leather handles enable one to enter the treatment rooms that house walnut storage units, stone sinks and worktops and resin flooring.

The desk, shelving, entrance door handle and storage units also feature the Bella Spa logo custom made that we had made in poured aluminium moulds in different sizes to suit each application.

Bella Spa is a great example of a project completely designed and executed from start to finish by Bonsai and using the full complement of services we offer.