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Ronda Design: Revolutionizing Interiors with Innovation and Style!

With great anticipation, we introduce you to Ronda Design, our partner who challenges conventional thinking regarding shapes, materials, patterns and colours. Through this, Ronda Design creates products that are not only technologically advanced but also visually stunning and highly functional.

Ronda surpasses all expectations and furnishing standards, which is a huge part of why we love them. Explore this rising trend in interior design, where innovation and style collide. They have thought of everything from modular wall panelling and magnetic backsplashes to tables, desks, shelves, mirrors and more.

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Their ‘Caddy’ magnetic wall systems are popular, classically Ronda, and available in several cutting-edge finishes. The shelves and accessories are also magnetic and can be freely positioned on the wall panels to create aesthetically and functionally evolving compositions.

The Levia bookcase series is another favourite, particularly the Levia Stand bookcase, shown above (left image) and ceiling-fixed ‘Air’ (shown right). Because of this, we have seen a few features in the international press lately.