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The Preparation

A truly exceptional space starts with a thoughtfully-designed, well executed and impeccably detailed shell.

We’ll assist you in planning every last detail and with our help, you’ll create an amazing space full of perfectly coordinated surfaces, materials, textures and colours that will stand the test of time.

The Finish

Elevate your project with an interior solution from Bonsai.

Through us, you’ll have access to some of Europe’s most exciting and innovative brands and designers.

Our aim is simple: to offer our clients all the tools they require to create jaw-dropping and timeless interior schemes that will impress whilst at the same time adding value.

Our Services

Significant experience informs every product selection and design decision that we reach with our clients.

Since 2001 we’ve honed our skills as designers, joinery manufacturers, specialist contractors and project coordinators. It’s this experience that really sets us apart.

How we work

When considering whom to work with when planning your project, it is vital to shop around carefully for your team and then form a healthy working relationship with your chosen partners. To plan and execute a successful project, all parties should communicate regularly, openly and honestly on all matters. By doing so, the process becomes a smooth, pleasurable and rewarding experience.