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Our Process

Clients have the flexibility to engage our services across various phases, enabling an approach tailored to each project.

Your Benefits

Ever heard stories of renovation nightmares? We have! At Bonsai, we’ve turned the traditional interior design process on its head, offering you the exact opposite—a seamless, stress-free, and delightful transformation experience that doesn’t destroy your sanity.

No waste! Time or Money!

We've honed our process to perfection, ensuring every moment is spent on something effective and not wasted on padding to inflate the price.

One Partner, One Invoice, One Point of Contact

Why complicate your renovation with multiple invoices and contacts? Bonsai offers a seamless experience with one partner, one invoice, and one point of contact. Say goodbye to coordination hassles and hello to effortless renovations.

Trust Bonsai From The Start, No Regrets At The End

It’s a natural reaction for people to want to undertake the project themselves, and then part way through they wish they didn’t inevitably making the project cost more and take longer. Trust Bonsai from the start and avoid regrets at the end.
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Inside the boathouse by Bonsai project partners
Project Partners process
Bonsai Project Partners showroom

Read our reviews from local Guernsey homeowners who became a Project Partner

The Boathouse
I worked with Bonsai to transform my barely used second bedroom into a stylish, unique, multifunctional space for guests, a practical home office and a workout space.
Being able to maximise space in a modest-sized property has been truly life-changing.
Due to the bespoke nature of the built-in units and the creative collaboration I was looking for to achieve everything I wanted, it made perfect sense to become a project partner, which offered a unique design perspective and practical benefits like product discounts.
Seeing the cohesive scheme, flooring/wall fabric/ units and colours digitally was exciting and reassuring, and it gave me the confidence to press on. It was a fun and rewarding experience, which I can warmly recommend.

~ Linda Boucher-Harris | The Boathouse Project

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Amazing creative team who made our house a beautiful home

~ Helen B

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Irwin Place

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