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Bonsai’s successful project track record is built on relationships. Whether the project is small or large, private or commercial, we endeavour to provide our clients with much more than just a great collection of products and services.

We are a sounding board for ideas, a highly competent technical resource and an experienced partner on your journey.  Above all, we are friendly, down-to-earth, approachable and willing to help out in whatever capacity we can.

We take a lot of pride in what we do and in the quality of work we produce and we always try to over-deliver.  We are also fortunate to have a long list of very happy clients, most of whom are more than happy to provide our prospective clients with a first-hand glimpse of the standard of work we can produce.

We welcome anyone considering a project of any size to pop into our showrooms for a chat, a fresh coffee and a look through our portfolio of projects. If you feel that we look like a good fit, then we welcome the opportunity to work with you and would be very happy to put together a preliminary proposal.

Why use Bonsai?

Everything under one roof

Bonsai boast a vast range of specialist products, services and expertise. Our collection is, to the best of our knowledge, unmatched and this makes Bonsai a veritable one-stop shop for prospective clients.

We deliver exceptional value

Use any of our offerings individually and enjoy great choice, quality and service. Combine several and benefit from exceptional efficiency and increased value for money.

There’s no-one else like us

Our manufacturing expertise, in-depth knowledge of construction and wide-ranging product portfolio give us a unique set of skills that set us apart from other design professionals, contractors or retailers. With Bonsai as an integral part of your team you have a unique and powerful resource at your disposal.

We know what we are doing

Every material choice, design decision and product selection is guided not just by our clients’ wishes but also by our knowledge and experience of construction, interior design and high-end manufacturing. We make sure everything works the first time around.

We play well with others

We are well used to working alongside architects, interior designers & main contractors. It is our aim to make everyone look good.

We’ll make your life easier

We’ve worked hard since 2001 to find incredibly capable and experienced manufacturing partners in every category of offering. We believe that we have a great solution for our clients no matter what challenge is put our way and no matter the project’s scope or budget.

We’ll make you look good

The quality of what we offer and the standard of our finished projects mean everything to us. Nothing matters more. We are detail obsessives that take huge pride in everything we do and we don’t tolerate anything substandard. Anyone selecting Bonsai as a project partner benefits from our obsession and can rest assured that we will go out of our way to over deliver every time.