Our client’s property is in a prime location, though it looked somewhat dated. They approached us to create a stylish and welcoming home for the family through a design, renovation and furnishing package.

Our brief was to reimagine the home’s interior without involving a main contractor or undertaking major structural work. The scheme should be crisp and contemporary, focusing on fixed surfaces, flooring, staircases, lighting, fitted and free-standing furniture, bespoke work and decoration.

Following an extensive discovery stage, during which we gained valuable insights into our client’s preferences and requirements, we crafted a series of visual presentations. These covered furniture selections, colour schemes, lighting options, and room layouts, effectively capturing our clients’ desired ambience and aesthetic.

Bonsai led the project from design to completion, working alongside other local experts and providing our clients with a sounding board to develop their ideas and one point of contact and accountability for the execution.