Comprehensive Basement-Bedroom Transformation: A Multifunctional Luxury Retreat


Bonsai takes immense pride in presenting a basement-bedroom conversion project that is a hallmark of our comprehensive design, supply, manufacturing, and installation expertise. This project involved transforming a limited-space spare bedroom into a multifunctional area, blending the functionalities of a bedroom, storage, office, and yoga studio.

The client envisioned an environment akin to a cigar lounge, emphasizing an atmospheric, dark, and intriguing theme. We responded with a rich palette featuring darker woods, leather, and lush fabrics, creating a space that radiates cosiness, opulence, and tactile satisfaction.

Photography by Agnès Liberté

Central to our design is a custom-made, wall-to-wall wardrobe meticulously designed to offer expansive storage. Integrated within this is a Murphy-style bed, elegantly lined with premium fabrics in light blue shades with a gold fleck. This feature exemplifies our commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. On the opposite side, we installed a bespoke home office with oversized drawers tailored for extensive storage of linens and duvets. The desk, crafted from distinctive bullet oak timber, contrasts beautifully with the room’s darker tones.

Our detailed approach extended to fitting timber shutters, enabling the influx of natural light, thus enhancing the basement’s ambience. The sumptuous dark oak parquet flooring contributes to the room’s opulent feel.

This project showcases our all-encompassing capability in designing, supplying, manufacturing, and installing every aspect of the project. It is a testament to our dedication to delivering customized, luxurious living spaces.

6th April 2021 in Careers

Carpenter / Joiner

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