Nestled in a serene coastal embrace, Irwin Place is a testament to our passion for design, a secret we’ve been eager to share. Here, the dance of light and shadow plays a leading role, casting a spell over every space, from the welcoming lobby to the intimate corners of the living areas.

At Irwin Place, the artistry of lighting takes centre stage, showcasing an array of meticulously chosen fittings. In partnership with our clients, we explored a spectrum of fittings, hues and textures, each choice harmoniously integrating their style. Each piece, from sculptural chandeliers to sleek, integrated fixtures, is thoughtfully placed, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. This careful layout of lights illuminates and defines spaces, crafting an ambience where design and light coalesce.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in the other details, such as the bespoke furniture crafted to create an enchanting and functional ambience. This collaboration allowed us to turn a once-blank canvas into a luminous design haven.


        Photography by Agnès Liberté

Amazing creative team who made our house a beautiful home.

Helen B