Restoring Heritage: Renovating a 1970s Kitchen


We brought our client’s dream kitchen to life, focusing on the interior design to ensure the space felt just right. Our mission was to refresh a dated 1970s kitchen extension that wasn’t doing any favours for a charming older house and was getting in the way of enjoying a stunning garden view. We aimed to fuse modern touches with the home’s classic appeal, all while catering to our client’s eclectic taste and desire for a mix of materials.

In tackling this project, we paid special attention to the floor and wall coverings, lighting, doors, and architectural hardware to bring the space to life. We teamed up with A7 Design, (architectural shell and internal and external layout), and our sister company, Luxioso (kitchen, utility, and bathrooms).

The result? A space that’s been given a new lease on life, connecting effortlessly with the garden and enhancing the home’s overall ambience. It’s a perfect blend of the old and new, tailored to a busy household of seven and their Bernedoodle, and reflecting our client’s unique style.

Photography by Agnès Liberté and Tim Langlois

7th May 2024 in Featured product partners, News, Newsletters

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